OfficialTalent (OT) is your central place to build a lifetime of entertainment and sports stories to share with recruiters, family and fans. Your personalized scannable VReel technology enables you to add unlimited photos, videos, highlights, contact information, upcoming events, call-to-actions and more. Your VReel can be added to anyone's digital contacts list with one simple click.

Just imagine, anyone can scan or quickly access your VReel to watch you perform live on their mobile device or big screen TV.

OfficialTalent is disrupting the physical trophy industry with our digital trophy platform. The scannable Official Awards Center ® verifies and manages your achievements including championships, awards, credits, varsity letters, honor roll lists, principal's lists, dean's lists and more. We verify your achievements with associations, schools, businesses, leagues, organizations, tournaments and more. Our verification process makes your VReel official. The VReel is the first scannable verified digital trophy platform to combine academics, entertainment, esport, fantasy and traditional sports.

In addition to numerous digital features, your VReel empowers you to launch your own branded line of merchandise. All of your personalized products including your hats, t-shirts, and hoodies showcase your new interactive VReel. Your VReel can be scanned with a smart phone and recognized by artificial intelligence (AI) giving your followers a simple way to see your highlights, photos, videos, achievements, contact information and more. We ask one important question; would you rather just wear the same selection of basic brand name logos or change the game forever and rep your own connected personalized merchandise? Your gear is shipped directly to your door. Activate your gear to unleash the power to WEARU.

Just wearing a basic brand name logo is advertising someone else's brand and does not represent you. Now you have the option to wear your VReel by itself or wear your VReel along with a brand name logo. Your followers have the ability to scan your VReel and have immediate access to who you are. Your brand is revolutionized.

Simply scan or click these featured interactive VReels below to see how your VReel will work when printed on your gear. Your followers do not need to download an app to scan your VReel because the latest smart phones already have scan capability built-in. Your followers scan and redirect to your personal profile by simply opening the camera on their phone, holding it over your VReel and clicking the link that appears on their phone.

Jared Bell South River High School Jesuit High School


The sports module includes verified achievements for esports and traditional sports to aggregate the entire sports ecosystem. The VReel covers 110 traditional sports and 14 esports.

The training module offers coaches the ability to review film, scout opponents and catalog players to evaluate player development. The coach, staff and players take dynamic notes by building unlimited video clips from films, plays and workouts to review later or send to a single person, multiple people or the entire team roster. The coach voice instruction feature which gives the coach the ability to add voice instruction to the video clip sent to the player or entire team is coming soon.

The mixtape module offers users the ability to quickly build a top 10 highlight reel from the filmroom. When followers view your VReel make sure your mixtape rocks and you have adequate content added from your smart devices, computers, CDs, storage drives, newspaper clippings and trophy cases. The digital trophy case displays your verified achievements.

The academic module verifies and showcases academic, leadership and community service achievements such as dean's list, all-academic list, principal's list, honor roll list, national honor society list, high class rank list and more.

The music module verifies and showcases music industry credits and awards for albums, songs, videos, movies and TV shows. The credits include executive producer, songwriter, vocalist, background vocalist, recording studio, mix engineer, master engineer, bassist, drummer, drum programmer, guitarist, vocal arranger, instrumentalist, producer, trumpeter, saxophonist, percussionist, keyboardist, pianist, project manager and more. The music engine also manages credits for live performances, soundtracks, radio station plays and DJ plays.

The entertainment module verifies and showcases movie, television and play industry credits and awards for actor, actress, host, executive producer, casting director, costume designer, production designer, grip, editor, writer and more.


The corporate solution includes our licensing, sponsorship and business offerings. Call for corporate pricing. 856-449-0597.

Profile Benefits

  • Build lifetime sports stories in one central place to share with family, friends, fans, trainers and coaches
  • Learn and improve performance by watching game, playbook and training videos
  • Showcase team affiliations and awards earned through sports competition and participation
  • Gain exposure to coaches and scouts who study game films and training regimens