OfficialTalent, a startup next generation entertainment and sports marketing agency, has built a patent-pending scannable VReel and discovery platform to connect the world's top brands to the young generation and their passionate parents through the release of their exclusive products, experiences and original content. Our unique VReel gives brands the ability to tell stories regarding their most compelling products, with partnerships focused on demand creation. We believe the continued advancement of the built-in smart phone qr scanner to automatically activate our interactive VReel which is strategically placed on brand merchandise and serialized campaigns is now and the future. We are expanding to the business to business marketplace.

Our VReel technology component enables users to capture memories and display talents by adding unlimited photos, videos, and accomplishments to share with recruiters, family, friends, fans, trainers and coaches.

The training component offers coaches the ability to review film, scout opponents and catalog players to evaluate player development. The coach, staff and players take dynamic notes by building unlimited video clips from films, plays and workouts to review later or send to a single person, multiple people or the entire team roster.

The platform even transforms the physical trophy industry by issuing verified digital trophies and certificates. Every VReel includes our Official Awards Center ® which is verified by sports associations, leagues, organizations, camps, tournaments and teams.

To generate revenue, OfficialTalent offers individual subscriptions, corporate licensing and co-branded digital naming rights to global, national and regional brands. Our brands select geo-targeted markets within OfficialTalent to support their internal grassroots marketing strategy aimed at Gen Z, Millennials and passionate parents.

Executive Team

  • Donta' Bell - CEO and Co-Founder
  • JeVon Bell - Co-Founder
  • Jaden Bell - Co-Founder
  • Jared Bell - Co-Founder
  • Tyler Frankenstein - Chief Technology Officer
  • Nashon Hornsby, JD, LLM - Chief Operations Officer
  • Tim Foy - Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mark Perry, CPA - Chief Financial Officer
  • Todd Edelman - Awards Director
  • Godday Hornsby - Strategic Relations Director

Advisory Team

OfficialTalent also boasts a roster of well-known and respected investors and advisors across the sports, media, entertainment, and technology sectors.

Sports Medicine Brand Partners

Profile Benefits

  • Build lifetime sports stories in one central place to share with family, friends, fans, trainers and coaches
  • Learn and improve performance by watching game, playbook and training videos
  • Showcase team affiliations and awards earned through sports competition and participation
  • Gain exposure to coaches and scouts who study game films and training regimens