Jessie Laine Powell (Tru-Fans Experience)


Jessie Laine Powell (Tru-Fans Experience)

As a member of the program you will receive:

- Ability to submit feedback to Jessie on ideas for new projects, performances, and receive "free" gifts

- Access to seeing and hearing the creation of new music

- "Free" Digital downloads of the newly created music

- Access to seeing and hearing studio practice sessions, music performances, and special messages for the Tru-Fans

- "Free" tickets to venues and pop-up concert locations
(If Jessie is performing shows with other artists, comedians, and other entertainment industry professionals, Silver and Gold members may have to pay an additional amount to attend. Platinum members have unlimited access)

- Soundcheck Meet & Greet opportunities at a concert venue where possible

- Exclusive merchandise discounts to Jessie Laine Powell by Yasimba fashions merchandise
(Platinum members receive $5-$10 USD off of every purchase and free items in random gift sets)

- Exclusive merchandise discounts to other products and services from sponsors

You can be a part of the Tru-Fans Experience for as low as $5.00 USD per month (Silver), $8.00 USD per month (Gold), or $10.00 USD per month (Platinum).

After your initial fee is paid, you will receive a payment invoice each month for the same amount unless you cancel. You can always pay for the entire fee for the year and receive a 20% discount. The fees are:

- Silver $5 per month or $48.00 for the year (USD)
- Gold $8 per month or $76.00 for the year (USD)
- Platinum $10 per month or $96.00 for the year (USD)



Mount Holly, NJ